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Project Description


Self-reflection: Your Character

1. Self-Image –
How do you see/view yourself as an individual.
2. Behaviours –
The way in which you conduct yourself in different situations/environments.
3. Positive Career Decisions –
Choosing the right thing for your career rather than what’s easiest.
4. Work Ethic –
The standards you hold upon yourself at work, how you act and work with others.

1. Skills, Strengths & Achievements –
what are your attributes and your strong points.
2. Resilience –
You bounce back from upsets or disappointments.
3. Supportive –
You’re willing to help and assist others in any time of need.
4. Integrity –
You are honest and have strong moral principles.

1. Open-Minded –
You don’t jump to conclusions and assess all options/points of view.
2. Creative –
You come up with ideas that others may not, you can change your perspective.
3. Enterprising –
Often a talented organiser, persuader, manager and influencer.
4. Curious –
You are eager to know or learn something that may be unknown to you.

1. Developing Relationships –
You can create healthy friendships/partnerships quite naturally.
2. What Opinions Do I Value –
You take on board the opinions of others for consideration.
3. Outgoing/Reflective –
You’re a friendly and sociable person, a deep thinker at times.
4. Sourcing Information –
You can easily find and access information that is required.

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