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Inspiring Purpose – Early Careers Edition is a character discovery activity for young people. It is aimed at young people between the ages of 15 and 18 as it focuses more on the preparation for the beginning of their working career. In this poster, we focus on questions and character strengths that an employer would be looking at in a young individual they were looking to employ.



Inspiring Purpose enables pupils to explore their character, ideals and values through a unique poster template using web-based resources. The programme is ideal for 15-18 year old whether in education or not, and can be used with a small group, or an entire year group. The poster takes young people through self-reflection and evaluation, their inspirations, and their aspirations. By thinking about their own character strengths and weaknesses, young people can see where in the world of work that their strengths would be utilised to their maximum.

You will find a Programme Manual to assist with the delivery of the programme. This manual is designed to provide you with suggestions for implementing Inspiring Purpose and includes recommended activities for each of the poster sections. It isn’t enough to have pupils complete the sections of the poster on their own without any preparation. It is important to lay the groundwork for pupils to complete the poster. This will include having pupils engage in several activities that encourage personal exploration.